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Competition Overview

※The age shall be the full age as of January 1, 2025.


Momochi Palace 
2-3-15 Momochi, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka


27th March, 2025
  • Ballet Shoes A(Age 8 to 10)[mixed gender]
  • Ballet Shoes B(Age 11 to 13)[mixed gender]
  • Contemporary Dance Solo Junior A (10-13 years old)
  • Contemporary Dance Solo Junior B (14-17 years old)
  • Contemporary Dance Solo Senior (18 years old or up)
  • Contemporary Dance Ensemble (10 years old or up)
  • Barrier-Free Solo Junior (10-17 years old and up)
  • Barrier-Free Solo Senior (18 years old or up)
  • Barrier-Free Ensemble (10 years old or up)
28th March, 2025
  • Classical Ballet Junior Female A (11-12 years old)
  • Classical Ballet Junior Female B (13-14 years old)
  • Classical Ballet Junior Female C (15-17 years old)
  • Classical Ballet Senior Female (18 years old and up)
  • Classical Ballet Junior Male (13-15 years old)
  • Classical Ballet Senior Male (16 years old and up)

Entry fee

Contemporary Solo 29,000yen includes judge sheet, commemorative gift
Contemporary Ensemble 34,000yen(2 dancers)
Barrier Free Solo 29,000yen
Barrier Free Ensemble 34,000yen(2 dancers)
Ballet Shoes category 29,000yen
Classical junior and senior categories 29,000yen

※For additional dancers, the price will increase 7,000 yen per person.

Spectator Fees

1 day tax included 1,500yen
Brochure tax included 1,000yen

Same-day tickets only (tickets cannot be purchased in advance)
There is no assigned seating. (The area in front of the stage is reserved for judges. Only judges and KIDC staff are allowed to enter that area.)
(No admission 3 year old or under)

Registration Flow

Registration will close when the maximum number of participants has been reached, so please register early.

November 1, 2024
January 31, 2025
  • 1Register Online
    Register Online
    Register on our website(For inquiries to KIDC by email,please turn off your rejection setting before registering your email address)
  • 2Receive payment information
    Receive payment information
    You’ll receive guidance mail
    If you do not receive the email after one day, please contact us at indicating your name and category.
  • 3Send money
    Send money
    Please send fee according to the instruction in mail.
  • 4Registration complete
    Registration complete
    After the sending money, you will receive a payment conformation email and the registration process is complete.

・We will contact each participants via registered e-mail until the competition date, so please make sure you check it regularly.

・Depending on your mail setting, our auto-reply mail may not reach your mailbox.Please set your mailer so that mails from “” can be received.There have been some incidents where Hotmail didn’t receive our mail.Please check your mail setting.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions

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    In pursuit of fair and sound judging, children and students of judges are not allowed to compete in KIDC. And judges are not allowed to visit studios (for workshops, etc.) prior to the competition. Moreover, the organizer will not be involved in any way in the judging process.
    Competition pamphlets etc. where the information of contestants was posted will be given to the judges after the competition in order to keep fairness of the examination.

  • Stage Information

    Stage Information

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    • ・Participants can use equipment and props in their performance, but they may not bring more than they can carry by themselves on stage, and may not enlist the help of others. Fire, glassware, items that could damage the stage, and other items deemed to be dangerous on stage, and items which would have to be cleaned up after the performance, are strictly prohibited.
    • ・Background will be black screen and the lighting is border lights only.
  • Time and Music

    Time and Music

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    Time limits (For Contemporary and Jazz Categories, including the time for coming on/ going off stage and silent time.)

    • Contemporary Solo Junior A: 3 minutes or less
    • Contemporary Solo Junior B: 4 minutes or less
    • Contemporary Solo Senior: 4 minutes or less
    • Contemporary Ensemble: 6 minutes or less
    • Barrier Free Solo: 4 minutes or less
    • Barrier Free Ensemble: 6 minutes or less
    • Ballet Shoes category: 3 minutes or less
    • Classical: 3 minutes or less

    CD for Performance

    • 1. Participants are required to bring two CDs, one for performance and one for backup. Each disc must have only one track (data in wave format, please do not use a compressed file format like mp3). Please bring them to the reception desk on the day of the competition.
    • 2. Write your entry number, name, title of performance, side of the stage you will enter (stage left or stage right), and timing to start music (“before,” “after,” or “cue”*) on the CD.
      * See forms for details


    Participants are responsible for verifying the copyright status of the choreography and music used in their performance.

    Music Used in Performance

    Participants are required to submit an application for the musical piece they plan to use at KIDC to JASRAC (Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers). According to Japanese copyright law, a musical composition remains under copyright protection for 70 years after the copyright owner has died.
    This does not apply to most of the classical pieces, but does apply to compositions such as the Cipollino Variation. Therefore, we will confirm the copyright status of the musical piece written on your entry form. Thank you for your cooperation.
    Original musical compositions used in the Contemporary categories do not apply either, so be sure to indicate on your entry form if you are using original music.

    For participants who use a copyright-protected music, please pay at the reception desk on the day. We appreciate your understanding.

    If you are unsure whether the piece you wish to use is under copyright, then contact JASRAC.

    If copyright exists in choreography among selected works, please do procedure by yourself. (Example: Va. from “Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux” choreographed by Balanchine)

  • Visas


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    Be sure to obtain a visa if you need one to enter Japan.
    All participants will be given a Certificate of Participation at the end of their performance. If you need a Certificate of Participation beforehand, please contact us and we will issue you one once it has been confirmed that you will perform in the competition.

  • Other Important Matters

    Other Important Matters

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    On the day of the competition, the instructors of each group of participants will be given one backstage pass, and one additional pass card for every three participants in their group. (1-3 participants: 1 pass card, 4-6 participants: 2 pass cards, 7-9 participants: 3 pass cards)
    Note that the backstage pass is valid only on the day.
    If there are cases such as: instructor changes, or male and female dancer will participate on the same day, please consult us.)
    Please double-check your entry form and other required documents before submitting them. If you need to make any changes or corrections, contact us as soon as possible.

    Competition judgment results, competitions and award ceremony images will be released to the organizer's homepage · SNS etc., taking into consideration the protection of personal information.
    Images of contestants may be used for media such as organizer's flyers and posters.

  • Number of Awards

    Number of Awards

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    Number of Awards

    Under KIDC rules, if the number of participants in a category is

    • less than 10 people, half of them will receive awards (rounded down to the nearest regular number).
    • Category with 10 to 19 participants: 5 awards
    • Category with 20 to 39 participants: 10 awards
    • Category with 40 to 59 participants: 15 awards
    • Category with 60 or more participants: 20 awards
    • The above are the rules of the KIDC, however there may be exceptions based on a consensus of the judges.

    List of Awards (tentative)

    • Fukuoka Prefectural Governor’s Award: 1st place winners in the Classic and Contemporary categories
    • Fukuoka City Mayor’s Award: 2nd place winners in the Classic and Contemporary categories
    • Nishinippon Shimbun Award: 3rd place winners in the Classic and Contemporary categories
  • Scholarships & Sponsorships

    Scholarships & Sponsorships

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    Scholarships & Admissions, Sponsorships Awarded in KIDC 2022

    As soon as a new Scholarships & Admissions, Sponsorships Awarded is decided, we announce it on this site and SNS from time to time.

    Scholarships & Admissions 2022

    • Tallinn Music and Ballet School (MUBA) in Estonia, Full Scholarship (Tuition and boarding fee exempted)
    • Goh Ballet Academy: Annual Programs (Entry + Full Scholarship (Tuition fee exemption. Travel expenses, stay expenses, etc. are self-pay))
    • Goh Ballet Academy: Summer School (Entry + Partial Scholarship)
    • Goh Ballet Academy: Summer School (Entry)
    • Ellison Ballet: Summer School Scholarship
    • Architanz Training Program: Admission + Scholarship
    • Architanz Workshop Scholarship or Short-term Visit
    • Architanz Short-term Visit
    • Annette Roselli Dance Academy: Summer School Scholarship
    • Annette Roselli Dance Academy: 1-week scholarship
    • Pennsylvania Ballet Academy: 2020 Summer Intensive admission
    • Armenian National Ballet: Participate in the training
    • National Ballet School of Armenia: Short-term Visit
    • Janáček Conservatory: Short Term Admission
    • Ballet Aplomb Award (Full-scholarship for workshops next year)
    • 2022 Seoul International Dance Carnival Vol.6: Participation fee exemption
    • 2022 Seoul International Dance Carnival Vol.6: Work award (Accessit)
    • 1MILLION DANCE STUDIO(Korea) lesson ticket 10 times

    Sponsorship Awarded

    • Ballet Aplomb Award
    • Chacott Award (Awarded to first place winner of each category)
    • Sylvia Award (Awarded to first place winner of each category)
    • Atelier YOSHINO Award (Awarded to first place winner of each category)
    • DonnaPrima Award
    • Grand Planning Co.,Ltd. Award
      (Grand Planning Co.,Ltd.& phiten Co.,Ltd. Collaboration Aqua-titanium ballet tights)
    • MyStar Corporation Award
    • SLEEPER design shop Award
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