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【MORE Chances for Training Abroad】

In addition to the training chances for the excellent dancers at KIDC 2022, chances/schools below has been added! All of these are with world-quality education.

Once the number reaches to the limit, application will be closed, so apply now!

1) Vaganova Ballet Academy Summer School 2022 (Includes audition)
ワガノワ・バレエ・アカデミー・サマースクール 2022 サンクトペテルブル グへのご招待
2) Russia Ballet Summer Camp 2022 in Nagano
ロシアバレエサマーキャンプ 2022 長野
3) Novosibirsk State Ballet School Summer School 2022 (Includes audition)
ロシア国立ノボシビルスク・バレエ学校 サマースクール2022 へのご招待
4)Invitation for full-time study at Russia State Ballet School (Ufa State Ballet Academy) 2022-2023
ルドルフヌレエフ 念ロシア国立ウファ・バレエ学校 入学 2022-2023 への ご招待
5) Georgia State Ballet School internship program 2022
6) Tajikistan Ayni Opera and Ballet Theatre internship program

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